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11/14/13 - Shop Equipment

This Auction has ended.

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5509 N Market St, Spokane, WA

HYSTER Forklift, 5K#, C 187 V 09936 R

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10″ Johnson Horiz Band Saw

40 Ton Cleveland #6 OBI Punch Press

60 Ton Bliss BG OBI Punch Press

Multi Spindle Drilling Machine (Auto Feed) Attached to

10″x36″ Kemp-Smith Horiz Mill, w/Vert Head,

X-Y-Z Power Feed

George Whiting 18″ Single Punch w/Tooling

8″ Warner-Swasey Turret Lathe

8″ Monarch Engine Lathe, Colet Chuck

5″x18″ Horiz Mill Power Feed w/Tooling (B&S)

4″x16″ Horiz Hand Mill w/Tooling (US Mach)

4″x16″ Horiz Hand Mill w/Tooling (US Mach)

14″ Jet Bench Drill w/Tapmatic 50X

14″ HD Bench Drill Press

14″ HD Bench Drill Press

MDL 318 Hand Tapper w/Tooling (New)

20″ Champion Drill Press, Floor w/Air Chuck

8″ Brown & Sharp Surface Grinder, 6″x16″

Electro-Mag Chuck

20″ Greaves-Klusman Engine Lathe, 6′ Bed,

6 Jaw Chuck, QC Turret Tool Post

14″ Floor Model Drill Press, welding area

18 Ton Bliss OBI Punch Press

Millermatic 252 wire feed welder

40 Ton Hydraulic Dbl/Action Press w/Benders

14″ Vertical Band Saw

12″ Pedestal Grinder/Polisher (5HP)

180 Amp Lincoln Buss Box (Stick)

300 Amp L-Tec Wire Feed Welder

250 Amp AirCo Wire Feed Welder

Rotor Shaft Drilling Machine

Miller 250 Amp Wire Feed Welder

5 HP 2-Stage 22CFM 80Gal Air Compressor

Pipe Cleaning Machine-wheel abraded

Max 20 Plasma Cutter

Welding & Cutting Torch

6″ Pedestal 1/2 HP Grinder

Beverly Shear

Sheet Metal Roller, Peck Stow

330 lb. Electric Chain Hoist-Central Mach.

1/2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist- Jet

Pedestal Disc Sander

Pallet Jack

Engine Hoist

Porta Power / powered jack

Short Lift Table

Fairbanks Large Scale

Bar Machine, Chainsaw Repair

Stainless Steel Dip tank w/heating element

Dip tank cold water rinse

Dip tank w/heating element- insulated

Large Swivel Welding Table

Table mounted vise

Table mounted vise

Table mounted vise

Table mounted vise

Air Stapler, JK (Sweden) 5/8″, Cardboard

Punch Press, 30 Ton Bliss

Chicago Steel Press Brake Bender

33 Misc. Dies / Shoes / Jigs

1 Rolling Tool Cabinet Combo

13 Misc. Machine Motors 1/2 – 3 hp

Misc. Plumbing and Fasteners

2 Welding booths

165 Ft. 2&3 Tier Warehouse Pallet Racking

Bank of 8 school lockers

2 Stand alone 1.5′x1.5′x7′ lockers


7 Misc. configured pallet shelving units

2 Heavy Duty Steel Stocking and Die Racks

5 Heavy Duty Die Racks / Shelving

2 Steel Racks

12 Metal Shopping Carts

Misc. Bar and Flat Stock

12 Heavy Duty Assembly Tables / Benches

Misc. Shelving / File Cabinets / Desk / Office Supplies

Misc. Shop Tools / Air Tools / Hand Tools

7′x7′x3′ Paint Booth with exhaust fan

Full Size Soda Vending Machine

2 Hand Trucks

2 Rolling Carts

3 UV 4′x6′ welding screens

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