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Buying a Vehicle

Washington Buyers:

  • Current Washington State Driver's License, and in certain cases DOT #, and Federal Tax ID #.
  • Vehicles purchased under company name require a UBI #, and in certain cases DOT #, and Federal Tax ID #.


Washington Motor Vehicle Dealer Buyers:

  • Current copy of Master Business License that includes dealer number.
  • Current copy of Reseller Permit


Non-Resident Buyers:

  • Current copy of Driver's License
  • In addition to Driver's License we will need a copy of one of the following six documents, on which there is an out-of-state address for the buyer:
          1. A current residential rental agreement
          2. A property tax statement from the current or previous year
          3. A utility bill, dated within the previous two months
          4. A state income tax return form the previous year
          5. A voter registration card
          6. A current credit report

Additional forms will be available at time of purchase in our office.

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