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Pre-Registration is no more.

but you can now have a permanent number

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As we are all aware, registering to bid at an Annual Eltopia Auction is just about as thrilling as moving through airport security.

We somehow managed to capture the feeling without incorporating pat-downs into the procedure.
We heard you and we are sorry we haven't solved this sooner.

To sum it up: you may now have a permanent number if you so choose.

Here is an outline, please ask questions if anything is unclear.

  • "Pre-Registration" is no more.
  • You can Register at any time for (most) any auction through the online bidding registration area.
  • We will import all new registered buyers into the system the night before the auction.
  • If you do not Register before that time, you'll have to go through the usual "stand-at-the-window" routine.
  • You will be required to enter credit/debit information to Register. This is primarily for address validation and as a fall back for the walk-away types.
  • The number assigned to you by the system will be your permanent bidder number for (most) sales conducted by Booker Auction Co.
  • If you already have a permanent number, you may continue to use that number for the time being.
  • Anything bought online will have an added 2% fee assigned to it.
  • Expect changes to buyer fees in the near future, we are trying to simplify this for all parties involved.
  • If you want your buyer number printed on paper, you'll need to visit us at the window.
  • If you want a permanent bidder card (wallet sized - metal) you'll need to see us about that at another time.
  • If you have already registered to bid online with us in the past, you're already done. The number indicated in your profile when you log in is your permanent bidder number.

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