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Frequently Asked Questions


I didn't sign up for your mail list, why did I receive a brochure?
When we purchase mail lists for zip codes or demographics, your address may be included in that list.
We are not intentionally trying to bother you and could not easily filter your address from these lists.
We have found that the government sponsored "do not mail" lists are about as reliable as the "do not call" lists.

Online Bidding

I'm having trouble with Online Bidding, what am I doing wrong?
The most common problem with Online Bidding is that the bidder has not accepted the sale terms.
If you do not accept the sale terms, you will never be allowed to bid.
There are various other problems that a user might encounter - please call tech support: 919-595-2922.

Can I bid on my phone?
Yes, there are apps available thru I-tunes and the Google Play store. "Booker Bidding App"

My computer froze while bidding online, do I have to pay for the item it says I bought?
It is entirely impossible for the Online Bidding system to bid without your input.
You are responsible for all bids and purchases that you are notified to have committed.
We keep very detailed data for Online Bidding behavior and can determine without a doubt the sequence of events during the auction.

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