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Northwest Farm Equipment Auction


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Registration and Payment

  • Your credit card is required to bid, but will not be charged for your purchases
  • If you are a successful bidder, an email will be sent to you by Booker Auction Company
  • All Invoices will be sent out with payment instructions and equipment locations and contacts
  • Software does not show you if you are a winning bidder after the auction if you have any questions please call and verify

Bidding Help

  • Don't use Internet Explorer or "Edge" browsers.
  • Some Lots will have a quantity and in the description, it will say that quantity times your bid amount will be your final bid, please be advised of these lots.
  • A Bidding extension will happen as the lot closes out and active bidding happens in the last three minutes. A three-minute extension will be added on everytime a new bid is placed.
  • Like-Kind items will be linked together so they will all sell out at the same time.
  • Please call Booker Auction Company with any other questions - 509-297-9292

Equipment Location

  • Equipment is in different locations
  • WA State Sales Tax is Applicable to some items
  • Equipment Removal depends on the item
  • Loaders are available at certain locations with timeframes on them, please read the lot information
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