Buying a Vehicle

Auction Day

At the end of the auction, an invoice will be sent to all successful bidders with your auction purchases recorded to your registered bidder number.

We have questions

Included in your email will be a link to a title transfer questionnaire. Please complete this accurately to ensure a quick and correct transfer for all titled purchases.

Final Invoice

Once we have received the completed questionnaire, a new invoice will be sent to you reflecting any revisions in licensing fees.


We will also provide a link in the email to setup an appointment for you to complete all necessary title paperwork at our office. Payment will be accepted at that appointment as well.

The following documents will be needed at your appointment or in order to transfer your titles:

Washington Residents
  • A current WA state driver’s license.
  • If purchased for a Company, we will need the company UBI, EIN, or TIN
  • DOT number or Federal Tax ID number may be necessary, please have them available.
Oregon Residents
  • A current copy of your driver’s license, or government issued identification
  • A copy of one of the following documents is required to be exempt from Washington State Sales Tax.

No titles will be transferred prior to receiving one of these accepted documents:

  1. A current residential rental agreement
  2. A property tax statement from the current or previous year
  3. A utility bill, dated within the previous two months
  4. A state income tax return form the previous year
  5. A voter registration card
  6. A current credit report

Additional forms will be available at time of purchase in our office.

Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Current copy of Master Business License
  • Vehicle Dealer License
  • Current of State issued Resellers Permit