Selling a Vehicle


Emma Miles Email: Fax: 509-340-8937

First things first!

Please send copies of the front and back of all titles to our Title Clerk within 2 days of consigning all titled assets. Once we receive copies of titles, we will send you marked copies showing the correct signature locations needed in order to sell your assets.


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) shown on the title must match the VIN on the titled asset. Due to Washington States Department of Licensing requirements, titled pieces with no VIN, a partial VIN, or an incorrect VIN are not able to be sold.

Scale Weight?

Vehicle scale weights are required on most vehicles. If the title does not currently show a scale weight, DOL requires a certified weight slip. If the vehicle is coming from outside of Washington state, a certified scale weight is required. The closest scale to Booker Auction Company is Wilbur Ellis located at 5311 Eltopia West Rd, Eltopia, WA 99330. If the actual body style of the vehicle does not match what is printed on the title, a certified scale weight slip is required in order to be sold.


Washington State law requires all license plates to be removed prior to auction. It is the seller’s discretion to remove and retain license plates. If seller chooses not to remove license plates, Booker Auction Co will remove and dispose of all license plates prior to auction.

2011 or newer?

If you are selling a motor vehicle that is 2011 or newer, Washington state requires an odometer statement. This odometer statement will be completed with an accurate reading when the vehicle is lined up at auction. If you are unable to get an odometer reading from the vehicle, it will be branded showing: “WA Odometer Not Actual”.

Delivery / Drop Off

Vehicle delivery will need to be coordinated during our consignment period time frames, please contact the office to discuss consignment delivery time frame.


Once the auction has been completed the seller will be furnished with the statement of expense and consignor proceeds within 21 days of the sale.