How To Bid

Be a Spectator

While we love a large bidding pool, we don't want anyone getting in over their head.

It may be beneficial for you to watch an auction or pay us a visit before the auction to get a demonstration of how it will work.

If you're worried about "missing out" on a select item, there will always be another auction with like items.

If you have any doubts about your ability to pay or question the integrity of the item you are planning to bid on, DON’T BID.


Just like most financial services and modern business transactions, we require a credit card to register. This is mostly for identification purposes (it's the easiest way to tell if a real person is registering online).

All invoices with a total due of $250 or less will automatically be charged to your card on file. You will receive an email reflecting your payment as soon as it is processed.

Let Us Help

If you need help understanding or assistance with any part of this, don't hesitate to contact us via phone, email or chat (where available).



Inspection and preview is highly encouraged and welcome.

After an auction is announced - usually at least a month prior to the event, Preview times will be posted. Most Previews occur 1-3 days before the auction but can start earlier.

Preview is generally permitted right up until the item(s) are sold.

Bidders are responsible for  their own assurances before bidding. While we try to disclose as much information about an item as we can, Booker Auction Co makes no warranties or guarantees about the longevity, quality, durability or usefulness of any item.

Preview times and locations will be posted on the auction webpages and in lot descriptions.

If you cannot find this information please email or call us. Please preview items that you are interested in.


If you buy a titled vehicle (car, truck, trailer, SUV, RV, boat, ATV), you will need to complete necessary title paperwork and payment before taking possession.

Title paperwork is scheduled by appointment (press here).

Additional title fees will apply as well as sales tax if you have no exemptions.

You may check out keys to start vehicles during preview - test driving is not permitted, though you may move it forward and backward. 


We recommend that you use a computer to bid.

It is possible to bid on your phone effectively but there are some limitations. Due to connection issues, the bidding screens on phones do not always update without refreshing the page and if you are actively bidding, you may think that you won/lost the bid and did not.

If you are experienced with our bidding format, you are well aware of this and have made your own adjustments.

The best situation whether on phone or computer is to decide how much you are willing to pay for an item and set your Max Bid. The system will then bid on your behalf, up to that point (as needed) but no further.

Bidding Live (at the auction) vs Online has different requirements for bidding.

All of our 2020 auctions were online-only bidding and we anticipate this trend continuing. 

During the Auction

On most auction days, bidding will begin closing at 9am or 10am.

There will be a clock next to the items to easily track when closing will occur.

Any bids placed on an item in the final three minutes prior to its closing will reset the closing time to three minutes.

Usually, 2-3 items will close per minute in a staggered format (items will not close all at once).

Similar items may be linked together - all remain open until bidding has ended on all. This allows you to have a chance to bid on a like item if the one you are interested in exceeded the price you are willing to pay.

Once the entire auction has ended, invoices will be emailed within an hour.


Your emailed invoice will contain this link to pay with a card or bank account using your check information.

You may also make payment at our facility or an alternative location if one is stated as an option.

All invoices with a total due of $250 or less will automatically be charged to your card on file.

Buyer Premiums or Handling Fees will apply and vary by auction. The most common fee structure we use is 2% on all items plus 8% on any item selling for $2,500 or less (for a total of 10% on any item under $2,501). Please review Sale Terms for premium and fee information.

A 3% Fee will be applied to credit card payments.

Additional fees apply on late payments.

Title Fees will apply to purchases of titled vehicles. Please contact our Title Department for more information.

Sales Tax applies without exemptions. Our facility in Eltopia, WA is a taxable location. Items sold on a farm by a farmer consignor typically do not have sales tax applied.

We make reasonable accommodations for payments to be made, please let us know your plans if you need any additional information or arrangements. You may not take possession of items until payment has been made.