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  • Photos are encouraged and can be used for advertising.
  • An Auction Coordinator will contact you regarding photos.

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Please include all descriptive information you would want if you were searching for the item(s) you are selling.


Vehicle certificates of title must be signed and delivered at least 10 days before auction date. More title handling information here...


Our client base is qualified and reliable, visiting our website thousands of times a year. Equipment consigned in the appropriate time period may be included in other marketing materials beyond this website. Tell us where you'd like it advertised.


Most of our auctions allow you to sell directly from where your equipment is located, saving the efforts of hauling it. You may also deliver your consignments to our Eltopia headquarters for maximum exposure. Equipment delivery times will vary, please reference the auction web page or contact us directly.

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We will furnish the seller a complete statement of expense and consignor proceeds within 21 days of sale event, PROVIDED, all certificates of title, liens, leases and encumbrances have been settled to guarantee clear title of consigned properties.

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